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Intercontinental sourcing has never been easy. Importers based thousands of miles away are always posed with difficulty of finding the right suppliers, product development, right pricing in ever-changing market situations and finally the assurance of right quality.

Keeping these difficulties in view, most of the leading buyers either established their own buying offices or hired services of existing buying and sourcing agencies in exporting countries. This type of purchasing arrangement became popular especially after the lifting of quota system when customers had ease to make choice among numbers of prospected suppliers and buy textile products at much more competitive prices.

After serving leading customers for years working at few to ranking textile mills in Pakistan, we a “group of close friends” decided to start a modern buying and sourcing agency in late 2007.

Today our buying agency comprises of some top ranking textile professionals experienced from most modern textile mills combining their expertise and experience making sourcing far better and easy for our valued clients. Our knowledge and experience as export managers in textile industry gives us the cutting edge of knowing strengths of various factories and their ultimate price levels. We also have better understanding of local culture, different languages and socio-economic practices. Presence of dozens of close friends and ex-colleagues scattered all over the textile industry also makes it easier for us to match competitive prices, develop product sampling promptly, and have better reliability and understanding in bulk productions. A combination of all these factors make it possible for us to match most competitive prices buying from right suppliers repeatedly.

In less than 3 years of incorporation, our annual buying volume reached a figure of US$ 15 million in financial year 2009-2010. Today we are serving clients based all over in North America, South America, Europe and Middle East.



For A Better Future

Textile industry in Pakistan is quite versatile, comprising of cotton ginning, spinning, weaving, processing and confection. Quality raw materials are easily available at low prices which make Pakistan very competitive, both over quality and prices.

Anticipating the growing scope of textile intermediary services we decided to incorporate a buying and quality control agency ‘FNSTYLEZ’ in order to effectively represent the country’s textile products to buyers all over the globe helping them in their buying costs and ensuring optimum quality levels, keeping target lead times in focus.


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