SONY Sony Bluetooth Headphones SBH60

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Sony Bluetooth Headphones SBH60

Sony recently launched the Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH60. This new headset places greater emphasis on the music, highlighted by the on-the-ear headphone design but will also help you to take and make calls. The SBH60 headset also has great versatility as it can be used in both wired and wireless configurations.

We have this stylish, discrete and lightweight headset for review thanks to the folks atMobile Fun.

The packaging for the SBH60 headset highlights the key features including NFC, Bluetooth A2DP, micro USB and a 10-hour streaming time although the website quotes a 13-hour runtime. The specs of the headset include 30mm dynamic headphone driver units with a frequency range between 30 – 18,000 Hz.

Inside the box you will find a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable to physically connect the headset to a non-Bluetooth device and a micro USB to USB cable to charge the headset.

Pairing the SBH60 headset with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone is made easier through the use of NFC. The NFC chip is found on the left ear piece, along with all the key physical controls of the headset.

The left headphone includes all of the buttons to operate the headset. The button towards the far end on the picture below is the Music key/Call key. This is the button that is used to answer/reject calls as well as to play/pause media. Next to this sits the volume rocker and 3.5mm audio jack, which can be used to connect the headset to a smartphone using the included 3.5mm cable.

Call quality when using the headset was very good. We were concerned that when on calls, the sound might be muffled given the placement of the mic. However, the feedback we had was a very clear call from both ends. Most didn’t actually realise a headset was being used, which shows how well the headset performs.

Continuing to move round the left ear piece, there is a micro USB port for charging and a small notification light. The light flashes white when a call is coming in and flashes blue when the headset is in pairing mode. If the headset is running low on power, it will flash red.

The power level of the headset can also be determined by pressing the power key when the headset is on. The light will then flash, red, yellow or green highlighting the charge level of the headset. The three dots next to the power key is the microphone.

The right ear piece contains no controls whatsoever, which may or may not suit you. The headband can be easily adjusted to fit your head by sliding the ear piece over the metal band.

The SBH60 headset has soft cushions on each pad providing good comfort, thankfully the headband is also not too tight around the head, which can be the downfall of some on-the-air / over-the-ear headphones. The headset has a reasonable weight 125 grams, which weighs more than some other pure headphones out there like the Sennheiser PX 100-II or PX 200-II

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